Exceed your limits, evolve, and make a difference.

Everything changes, and today there is a new and different way to do everything. Thanks to a team of experts and unique knowledge, you will have the tools to design better, explore new solutions, and deliver an excellent result.

Online Courses

Experience a unique learning journey right in your workplace. Online courses with a certified technical instructor for top-notch training in Exocad, Millbox, DentalSoftWorks, or Hyperdent. Follow live case studies conveniently from your lab and discover what you didn’t know yet. You can achieve any goal.

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Customized Interviews

Interactive meeting to organize everything for the best:
discover new ways to use the software and integrated functions that you didn’t know about yet.
Time-saving tips and specific insights just for you. You will have an experienced trainer at your disposal who will cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of the tasks or techniques you specify. You choose the duration and the focus of the session.

Digital Campus

Immerse yourself in a real working cycle.
Learn to operate cutting-edge machinery and experience CAD/CAM in its fullest expression.
Full digital immersion from theory to practice in our facility.
You’ll have the opportunity to learn through private theoretical sessions, assist our technicians in daily tasks, and engage by integrating into our digital workflow.

Round Tables

Step into the world of Dental Private Events. A series of evenings dedicated to exchanging information with colleagues and technicians on clinical cases or specific materials, product innovation, or new techniques. Exceptional locations for an unparalleled networking experience.

Push your limits and achieve full autonomy

Discover potential solutions to the most urgent and common problems in your daily life. You’ll be surprised to achieve what you thought was impossible. For any challenge you’ll face tomorrow, you’ll have everything you need to tackle it effectively.


A practical revolution.

A production that ensures outstanding performance and the efficiency of an organized and digital workflow. A unique range of products that transforms thanks to cutting-edge materials and constantly updated technologies.

Digital Prosthesis

The future is now: innovation is in our DNA.
The prosthetic offering of D’Artech is the perfect blend of cutting-edge materials and the refined precision of aesthetic finalization, thanks to high specialization. A fully digital workflow and the magical ease of use of a unique experience.

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From function to form.
Designed to maximize performance and flexibility.

Over 300 implant connections managed, enabling limitless creation. Collaboration with the world’s leading companies to develop a dedicated product portfolio and support for guided surgery.


Research and Development

The big ideas start from here.
The birthplace of our brightest projects, constantly evolving. Products engineered for every need and designed to do it all.
Discover the Morpho Screw: a practical solution tailored for everyday challenges.

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Milling Center

An extreme power for exclusive quality.
Creating synergies is our job; providing fast and efficient milling services is our signature. The result is a product verified at various quality checkpoints to ensure exceptional output.

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Quality, aesthetics, precision.
The best of the best.

D’Artech products are designed to minimize chairside adjustment time and to provide you with maximum performance and aesthetic results. We closely monitor our processes to increase efficiency and speed of execution, push material study to the maximum, and commit to creating high-value products.

Grow Up

Every shapes of progress.

We want to help you understand which are the best products and services to achieve your goals. With more powerful tools at your disposal, you will be able to solve problems, handle daily tasks more easily, and make the most of every development opportunity.

Customer Service

A highly digitized team of collaborators ready to assist you with your business: in choosing the best materials within your budget, providing guidance at every stage of production, and offering a single point of contact who understands your needs. Our team is always at your service, so sit back and relax: we’ve got you covered.

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Technical Support

Harness the full extent of industry expertise and knowledge for comprehensive support.
Annual service plans through which our team of experts imparts exceptional know-how in product design and machine management.

Our availability and flexibility to finalize your projects.

Customized Marketing

Foster patient loyalty and increase awareness in the clinic is now achievable. Stand out with an approach that studies demand trends in the dental world and a set of tailor-made solutions developed for each client. We put our creativity at the service of your future.


When the world changes, so do businesses. Let’s work together to provide you with unparalleled production and development opportunities. We consider mergers and collaborations: utilizing our experience and capabilities to offer your customers something more.

A dynamic environment.

Whether you’re a one-person operation or have 10,000 employees: we can help you find the best and most cost-effective solution.

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