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    Milling Center

    Working has never been
    so easy.

    Explore all the offers from our manufacturing unit.
    You’ll find an exceptional partner for designing, milling, producing surgical guides, 3D printing, and modifying or creating implant libraries.


    From Real to Digital


    Easy to send, even easier to design.

    You’re welcome to send any file type, including physical models or analog impressions.

    Settle in, and make yourself super comfortable.

    We can craft any fabrication, even in the cloud: we handle the modeling, you take care of the rest if desired.
    Or, we take care of everything.

    You send it,
    we make it.

    It’s not just a collaboration on a production level, but a constant sharing of the best solutions to ensure that YOUR prosthesis leaves your best mark.


    Do you want to learn something new about CAD?

    Explore our training opportunities: choose between online courses or hands-on training sessions at our facility.



    What are you looking for?

    Don’t worry, we’ve got everything!

    Just take your pick.

    From metallic to non-metallic materials, tempered materials, alloys, and superalloys.
    Zirconia, Disilicate, Glass-ceramic, Hybrid Ceramic, Composite, Hybrid Composite, Fibers, Graphene, Resin, PMMA, Peek, Presintered Chrome Cobalt
    Aluminum, Titanium, Fully Milled Chrome Cobalt, for any type of processing.

    Everything you need.

    A wide range of implant components: Custom abutments, bars, attachments, Toronto with telescope and conometry management.

    With outstanding performance.

    We know how to produce quality products quickly and efficiently.
    Leveraging the full potential of machinery, we design easily and minimize the risk of errors.


    Born for exceptional performance.

    Capable of crafting high-precision artifacts with defect-free quality.
    Handling challenges is routine: angled hole? threaded hole?
    No problem.

    Dental Implant Structures

    We manage any implant connection by milling from disc or pre-milled, ensuring consistent and certified quality.

    Scanner or Analog Impression

    You can either send the traditional impression or a scan/model created with one of the many scanners and software available on the market.

    Cosmetic Finalization

    Our production unit is capable of finalizing any job with the aesthetic precision provided by proven protocols executed by technicians with years of experience.

    Guided Surgery

    Here is where the difference is made.
    Even more reasons to work with us.

    Design and production of surgical guides for over 300 implant brands and 20 types of surgical kits.

    Advanced approach

    Fully digitized and integrated workflows to gain patient trust and safety.

    Predictability and precision.

    Design assistance and comprehensive planning for accurate digital implant placement.

    A touch of flexibility.

    Full ability to handle scanning workflows from both lab scanners and intraoral scans sourced from open systems.

    Discover our Guided Surgery Protocol

    Software Planning
    Complete Digital Process
    Time, Appointment, and Cost Reduction
    Less Invasive and Less Traumatic Procedures
    Enhanced Handling of Complex Cases
    Codified Protocol and Procedure

    3D Printing

    We print everything you need.

    → Orthodontic models

    → Models for cement-retained prostheses

    → Models for implant-supported prostheses


    → Surgical guides

    → Esthetic-functional trials

    → Temporary restorations

    → Permanent crowns

    → Prosthetic bases

    → Prosthetic teeth

    → Gingival masks

    What about the material?

    We’ve already done the
    research for you.
    Every material we utilize meets the standards of reliability,
    performance, and aesthetics.
    Choose the solution you prefer, we’ll take care of the rest.

    Implant Libraries

    We develop open implant geometries for all types of implants.

    Both for adhesive technique and for direct screwing.

    Just follow 3 steps:

    1. We’ll provide the Exocad library, thanks to our technical office that designs the connections and compiles the mathematics


    2. We’ll send you the scanbody, according to your needs


    3. Now all that’s left is for you to design and mill in your laboratory or wherever you prefer

    File will be sent to your email

      I have read the treatments indicated in the PRIVACY POLICY sheet.