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    For breathtaking, smile-making experiences.

    Technology shines when it’s versatile enough to handle everything. That’s why we provide a range of devices supporting diverse clinical and therapeutic approaches.


    Swift solutions due to the high  specialization of our team of experts.

    Innovation in techniques and material application.

    Removable appliances

    Designed for managing the upper or lower arch, both in its entirety and in groups or individual teeth. Corrects crossbite, closes unwanted gaps, or promotes bone expansion. Maximum attention to high quality.

    Fixed appliances

    Devices featuring orthodontic or orthopedic effects based on applied resistance. Crafted from premium materials and meticulously assembled with high silver content soldering or laser welding.

    Miofunctional appliances

    Removable devices designed for children with deciduous teeth, aimed at setting the foundation of the dental arches and treating conditions related to oral anatomy, phonetics, breathing, and swallowing.

    Functional appliances

    Designed for the treatment of Class II and III malocclusions, open or deep bite, dental crowding, and TMJ disorders. Available in various varieties with the option for consultation with a team of specialists.

    Aligner Systems

    Designed to ensure maximum aesthetics, hygiene, and practicality in a painless manner. Predictability and precision are at the core of the production of this device made with materials for maximum comfort and a natural effect.


    Devices utilized for repositioning the mastication related to neuro-muscular dysfunctions or stress. They can help alleviate or prevent bruxism, headaches, or sinus pain.

    Apnea appliances

    Series of appliances used for managing sleep apnea or snoring, caused by the displacement or suction of the tongue during sleep. Continuous research to ensure comparison and collaboration in selecting the treatment.

    Retention plates

    To maintain the dento-alveolar positions achieved through therapeutic treatment. Devices are also designed to initiate pre-containment movements, later serving as retention or functional appliances.

    Release plates

    Utilized to prevent contact between teeth, creating an ideal support between the arches by covering the chewing surface. A team of experts can offer various solutions for each category.


    Technical features

    Deliveries and Pickups

    Take it easy. Through phone, email, or WhatsApp, we’ll organize the shipment to or from you, all according to your schedule.

    Digital or Analog dispatch

    We can handle everything. You can send a physical model, a scan, or an STL file.

    Technical support

    We’re here to help. Our Support Center can assist you with any logistical or technical questions or issues.

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      I have read the treatments indicated in the PRIVACY POLICY sheet.