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    Customer Service

    Speed, Flexibility, and Clarity

    Ready to be shipped within 48-72 hours

    Sending the impression

    We work both with analog and digital processes. You’ll have access to a tailored online software for uploading your scans.

    Tracking the progress

    We’ll keep you updated on the status of your work and will be available for any clarifications or adjustments.

    Final Shipment

    We work to ensure thatall products arrive within two days of the appointment if not agreed upon differently. Shipment within one day? That’s also an option.

    Technical Support

    How about we help you out?

    Exocad, Hyperdent, Millbox

    Desk Coaching, available for 1 or 2 years, dedicated to technical assistance during product design and machine management.

    Contact person

    You’ll have a single point of contact depending on the issue reported. Get to know our team and interact with a real person. Each session will be an opportunity to share, collaborate, and engage.


    No waiting times or automated systems. You’ll find us ready to meet your needs, offering the best solution in real-time.


    Contact us online or by phone, whichever you prefer. We’ll guide you remotely, providing insights and suggestions on tackling design issues and more.


    Our assistance goes beyond solving problems and learning new techniques. You can consult with us on various aspects of your work: unsatisfied with a processing protocol? Considering a material change? Let’s talk about it.

    Customized Marketing

    Connect Like Never Before.

    New tools for clear and effective patient communication

    Real Collaboration.

    Create a unified team with professionals who speak your language.

    Ready to fuel your growth?

    Expand your business and see the results of a tailored path for you.

    Interactive use of online materials

    Opportunity to utilize all interactive materials branded by D’Artech available on the website and downloadable. Utilize photographs of workpieces, 3D render videos, and pages rich in technical details to communicate experience and innovation
    within your practice.

    Customized brochures

    Customized Brochures featuring your dental practice’s name on different topics every quarter. You can showcase new techniques or provide the best information to patients.
    Make a good impression.

    Number of copies: 50

    Distribution: quarterly basis



    Dedicated posters o rollups

    Customized posters or roll-ups of large dimensions to modernize your studio and present yourself authoritatively and always updated on the latest developments in the sector.
    Stand out from other practices.

    Number of copies: 1

    Distribution: quarterly frequency

    Handmade product kit

    Professional kit available to illustrate to the patient the specifics of the prosthetic product, eliminating the use of unrealistic study models. Order and have a set of real works produced, increasing the chance to clarify any doubts and communicate
    the real value of your work.

    Digital preview or mockup

    Option to use a digital preview tool during the quote discussion. Show your patient how
    their smile will change.
    Persuade with technology.

    No software to install

    Available on demand

    Digital material for projection

    Additional material for projection on the screens in the office or on mobile devices in the waiting room. Keep your patients engaged and offer valuable entertainment.

    Distribution: quarterly frequency


    Why choose to collaborate?

    What is changing in this industry?

    Discover all the ways to collaborate with us.

    Many solutions to tackle the future together.


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      I have read the treatments indicated in the PRIVACY POLICY sheet.